About Us

We are dedicated to helping our clients make the most of the AI revolution  to make their own processes faster and cheaper

Your Message Is Our priority

We work with our clients to handle all the messy technical details so they don’t have to while ensuring that only the highest quality content is used in their messaging campaigns

Technical Expertise

We take care of all the technical details of implementing the AI and creating the content. By stripping away all the complexities, our clients can focus purely on the message they want delivered and not how to execute the delivery.

Quality Assurance

Our dedicated client success team is composed of both quality control experts and audio engineers to make sure every piece of content delivered exceeds our client's expectations.

Our Team

Erin Heim entered politics in 2018 when her high school in Parkland made the news for a mass shooting. She left her science post-doc that day to fight for a better future. Erin went from a complete political novice to founding and running a successful political fundraising firm in 5 years, raising over $45M for its 50+ clients.

She has a PhD in Genetics from Yale and graduated from the University of Florida for undergrad.

Erin Heim

Talia Policelli started her career under Secretary Gina Raimondo when she first ran for treasurer of Rhode Island. After 6 years with Secretary Raimondo, Talia spent the next decade working with and for 60+ nonprofits, campaigns, and legislatures, culminating in co-founding Reservoir Strategies with Erin Heim.

She has a Masters of Policy Management from Georgetown and went to the University of Rhode Island for undergrad.

Talia Policelli

Charles Xue went from getting his MBA while doing cutting-edge protein science research to being an early investor, developer, and entrepreneur in blockchain technologies. He has always looked for the ways to be at the limits of what we can accomplish, and brought the idea that generative AI could change the game to Erin and Talia's business.

He has an MPhil in Molecular Biology and MBA from Yale and went to the UC San Diego for undergrad.

Charles Xue


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