Talking on the phone wastes time, we can fix that

Integrate AI Into Your Communications

At RelayVoice, we are bringing outreach and communications to the future. Using the latest in voice and natural language machine learning technologies, we can simplify the way you communicate with your stakeholders, saving you time and money.

our Technology

Generative AI Audio Platform

Use the power of generative AI to create custom voice models to create personalized communications to recipients

LLM Integration and Analytics

Use the power of generative large language models to customize scripts based on your existing customer database

Quality Control and Processing

We use both software controls and manual enhancements by audio specialists to ensure every message is of the highest quality

Our Services

We work with our clients to customize the best application of AI into their processes based on their unique needs

Stakeholder Engagement

AI generated communications makes it easy to remain engaged with the people you care about and keep them up to date with you


Save time and reach a wider audience by enhancing your fundraising strategy using AI generated content

Call to Action Campaign

Activate your contact list with custom call to action messages that emphasize topics that they care about the most

RelayVoice Works With

Our clients include a variety of mission driven organizations in the political and non-profit sectors and we are proud to help them make a bigger impact

What Our Clients Say

We’re proud to be working with these and other incredible organizations to help them make positive impacts through their activities

“RelayVoice has been a huge game changer by saving us a great deal of time which allows the Minnesota DFL to reach even more donors, volunteers, and supporters. This tool is changing the way we communicate and I’m glad to be an early supporter. The team at RelayVoice has gone above and beyond and my team and I couldn’t be happier with the product and service.”

-Ken Martin
President, Association of State Democratic Committees & Vice-Chair, DNC & MN-DFL, Chair

“The most precious commodity any legislator or candidate has is their time. Innovation technologies such as RelayVoice offer the promise of increased efficiency and effectiveness while still allowing for personalized, targeted messaging, literally in our own voice. I am excited to be an early adopter of this new technology and exploring the many opportunities it offers while also ensuring it is used responsibly.”

-Paul Takac
PA State Rep. HD-82

“RelayVoice has brought our fundraising efforts to a whole new level with creative and user-friendly technology. And their customer service is superb!”

-Lindsay Kavanaugh
Executive Director
Alaska Democratic Party

I’ve saved so much time using RelayVoice’s product. Being able to do personal outreach to everyone from a volunteer to a top donor without spending hours a week has changed the way I spend my work days. I’ve thought of multiple ways to utilize this tool for me and my team!”

-Matthew Schweich
Political Consultant
Eagle Campaigns

Bringing Innovation To Everyone

Our mission is to make cutting edge technology accessible to mainstream users. We make it easy for anybody, not just technology experts, to benefit from the use of the AI